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Pirectus - a small Client for Directus 9

This Version is in a early Stage and only supports get, post, patch for Items. Authentification is only possible with token. It uses Guzzle, PHP HTTP client and is inspired by the Directus JavaScript SDK.


composer require tentakelfabrik/pirectus



use Pirectus\Pirectus;
use Pirectus\Auth\TokenAuth;

$pirectus = new Pirectus('<directus-url>', [
    'auth' => new TokenAuth('<directus-authtoken>')
$results = $pirectus
    ->fields(['id', 'title', 'content'])
        'status' => ['_eq' => 'published']


fields(array $fields)

addFields(array $fields)

filter(array $filter)

addFilter(array $filter)

limit(int $value)

offset(int $value)

groupBy(array $groupBy)

addGroupBy(string $field)

aggregate(string $aggregate, string $field)

sort(array $sort)

addSort(array $sort)

search(string $value)

meta(string $value)

aliases(string $field, string $alias)