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# super-hog
Super Hog is a process runner. Tasks will be configured in a File by Yaml.
Super Hog is a kind of process runner. It can be Custimize and build a frame to runs Tasks with
different Configurations. Tasks will be configured in a File by Yaml. Like this,
name: "Lorem Ipsum RSS"
@ -9,3 +10,17 @@ cron: "0 1 * * *"
- class: "RssExample"
All Yaml-Files that have to be run, have to put in "resources/config/enabled".
## Action
Action Classes are find in "resources/actions". Each Action runs one after another,
and his result will be hand over to the next Action Class. For this you have access
in each Object to a Docket Object. By Default all data will be set to this.result
in a Action. If the class do nothing I/O will be the same.
## Docket
The Docket-Object is holds all Data, States and Configurations. It run to all